Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Making Himself Perfectly Clear

When the clip runs over six minutes, you aren't taking anything out of context. What you are doing is trying to decipher what the hell he means. It is increasingly difficult to nail the slithery beast down. Pay attention here:

At various times in that you will hear him say, "we should look forward not back" but then he says that those who formulated the guidelines might be investigated. He tells us we face an unscrupulous, unconstrained and dangerous enemy, but we've got to play patty-cake with them because we are "good guys."

He reassures the CIA, that "I've got your back..." but one can only wonder what he will be doing behind there.

He mentions the Congress investigating possibly, but before the sentence is completed it morphs into an independent individual--which means the imperial presidency handles it, not the legislative or judicial branch.

Among the dangerous folks who fill our liberal pantheon, one that I've always been somewhat ambivalent about has been Leon Panetta. I know what his politics are, but I've heard him make sense on some issues. I've come to believe he is an intelligent individual and might even be respected for at least following his principles--even if they disagree with mine.

That's why I can see this as a very likely true report:

"If I Can't Trust You, I Quit!"

I sure wouldn't want to try to run the CIA effectively while getting undermined and back-stabbed with each passing day. When the excrement hits the air circulating device, as it inevitably will, the Director will be in the hot seat. Mr. Panetta can make a very effective statement if he walks away from the Messiah's "team."


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