Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ironic Isn't It?

I simply gag each time he goes off prompter. It is sequential train wrecks unrolling before my eyes. It is like America's Worst Videos being done live. It is one of those reality cops shows with the car chase that you know won't end well. It would be fun if it weren't so tragic.

So, the Messiah wants to run healthcare. He will beat up on those nasty insurance companies and with a wave of his hand overturn the principles of risk underwriting. He will eliminate the realities of free market profits and regulate everything for everyone who doesn't already have it under penalty of severe fines and/or prison. That will make everyone love him.

With 83% of Americans currently happy with their healthcare situation it is tough to stir the emergency mode. People asked him about the private option after government insurance is established. We want to keep what we've got.

He reassured them about the ability of private insurance to compete with government by citing Fedex and UPS as successful while the US Postal Service is a disaster!

I rolled on the floor with this! He cites the abject failure of a government run enterprise to support his wanting to bring healthcare into the same bureacratic bungling cycle!

He could have mentioned Amtrak as well...


The Six said...

Like you I cringe when I see him impromptu but since he always seems to make a fool of himself I find myself rooting for TOTUS failures.
I wonder what they're making his shoes out of these days. One does hope it's something tasty.

Anna said...

Mentioning Amtrak would have given the game away to the last who are snoozing. Obama wants to railraod America into a UK style health system.