Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Equalizaton of Opportunity Act

The bill is the Equalization of Opportunity Act--the concept is that some exceptionally successful private companies do so at the expense of less creative and well managed elements of their industry. It seeks to provide sharing of proprietary technologies to enable those weaker companies the opportunity to succeed. It enhances fairness throughout America.

During a town hall meeting one of the citizens queried why some companies were apparently fleeing the East and West coasts for the environment in one of our Western states. The questioner wanted to know why.

Why are they all running to Colorado? What have they got there that we haven't got? I don't see it. It's a backward, primitive, unenlightened place. They don't even have a modern government. It's the worst government in any state. The laziest. It does nothing--outside of keeping law courts and a police department. It doesn't do anything for the people. It doesn't help anybody. I don't see why all our best companies want to run there.

Does that resonate? Does that reflect the attitude of America? Do you see the fallacy?

And, do you realize the scenario of fiction?

It was written in 1957. It was fiction then, but it is very relevant today. It is from Ayn Rand's masterpiece, Atlas Shrugged. Get a copy and read it today. You probably read it in the '60s. Maybe you picked it up, noted the size, and opted for the Cliff Notes version. Read it. Read it all. It is the most important book you will read in several lifetimes.

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The Six said...

Thanks for the reminder Ed. I did read it in the 70's. It's high time I dug it out of the storage bin and read it again.