Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

So, is there a stupidity epidemic in the United States? Is everyone suffering terminal dumbing down? Let's look at this new viddie:

Let's start with the dumbo with the commando rig on his lower thigh. I've lived in several states which in the past had legal "open carry" rules. When I saw a guy in a small mountain town in Arizona with a six gun on his hip, I kind of felt real cowboy about the scene. It was cool, in a weird sort of way. It was also a bit immature and sort of inflammatory, but it was perfectly legal.

Today, doing that sort of thing is simply feeding the hopolophobic frenzy of the illiterati. It is stupid.

But, in New Hampshire as the local police commissar explained to the bleating news stooge, it is perfectly legal to carry openly and display your stupidity. It befits the state motto: "Live Free or Die"!

The stupidity isn't one sided though. Note the two dueling banjo reporters doing the horrified scene. "Apparently the gun is registered"! Duh, would someone tell him that in most states in this country guns aren't required to be "registered." It is our Constitutional right to keep and bear them.

Would someone tell the bleating bimbo that just because she is damp in her panties we don't call the storm troopers to "Get him out of there." At least not yet.

And if firearms make them all nervous when they see them, would someone mention that for every dolt they see like that, they have already walked past literally thousands of their fellow citizens in this country passing them with concealed carry training and their personal defensive weapons. Society around them is armed and polite--they just don't notice.


Mike Stollenwerk said...

Actually, open carry is becoming common all over the USA, including at city council meeting etc. Most states require no license to open carry and only 6 states ban open carry. learn more at

Cody said...

Good Lord. THIS is what I joined the military to defend?