Friday, August 14, 2009

Remember Sarah?

In case you haven't been watching, Sarah Palin has not returned to "Kuche und Kinder" since resigning as Alaska's governor. She has been quite active, albeit unnoticed by a lot of the mainstream media, in speaking and posting thoughtful items at various networking and blogging sites. She is cutting deep.

With the healthcare debacle on the August recess forefront, she's been delivering death blows to the death panels by simply uncovering the words that the Messiah's minions have spoken or written. Here's a recent result of her efforts:

There's No Such Thing in the Bill, That's Why They are Taking it Out

It certainly follows that if someone is an adherent of an economic system like socialism/central planning which has failed everywhere it has been implemented, that they might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer. In Chicago politics, however, it hasn't always been brains that controlled the organization. Brawn has sufficed quite adequately. Rhodes scholars don't become union goons.

So, we find Dr. Emmanuel--brother of White House consigliere, Rahm--piously pronouncing that the idea of "end-of-life" counseling and panels of bureaucrats weighing the cost effectiveness of treating your conditions versus how long you can continue to pay taxes into their system was never part of their plan. Never!

That's why, in response to increasing public awareness, the Senate decided to remove it from their bill--although it was never there in the first place, they've now taken it out.

Nothing to see here, Citizen. Move along now.

Keep it up, Sarah. This is why you scared them so much!


jjet said...

Dr Emmanuel is on record as saying that once some is diagnosed with "dementia" he should receive no more medical treatment.

You and I are screwed, Raz.

jjet said...

That should have been, "...once someone is..."

See, the goodly Doctor is right!

Kevin said...

I do like that gal!