Sunday, August 02, 2009

Reverse Speak Continues

We still see the game being played. If the Messiah intones a profound promise to the people of the nation, you can be certain that what will occur as the minions labor in the bowels of the government will be exactly the opposite.

Now we've got Mr. Turbo-Tax in Treasury offering another "what the Messiah means..." moment:

You Will be Forced to Buy Down the Debt

Now, let's spell that out for the economically challenged here.

Step one has already occurred. Simply by pronouncement the Bamster has declared the recession to be over. Recovery is well in place. Did you notice?

Step two is ongoing. The government is increasing its involvement in the free market every day. Healthcare is next and the airlines won't be far behind. Look to agriculture and technology industries after that. That requires artificial insemination of outside cash to cover for the ineptitudes of bureaucratic mis-management. More money spent and higher deficits.

Step three is Geithner's tax increases for "the middle-class". Since the upper economic class is already receiving exorbitant tax increases, and the lower middle class--more than 43% of working Americans--don't pay federal tax, that means an across-the-board tax increase for everyone who does contribute.

Step four is the very basic economic truth that laying more taxes on an economy is inherently stifling. That will cause a resurgence in unemployment, a rise in foreclosures, and a decline in business success. This generates more bleating demand for government bailouts.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

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Buzz Barron said...

Maybe they'll send us to the same reeducation camp in Wyoming...funny...