Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Viral Power

So, you've got a billion dollar company and you have to know that your industry is viewed with a lot of hostility by our customers. You simply haven't made any sort of effort to keep up with service when your product is undeniably service.

You run late, you cancel flights, you strand people, you lose or damage luggage, and your "customer service representatives" are largely unresponsive. What would it take for a company that size to have forestalled this viral wave which is spreading their bad name around the country.

What to do when you have talent and a bad experience:

That's right, you spread the word about what they did to you. People notice. And, if once is good, twice is better:

Another big hat tip to Billy Beck for that lead.

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The Six said...

Now THAT'S hitting back!
Thanks for posting this Ed. Now I've got some new music to buy.