Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday Classic Rock

We had a version of this modified to fit the F-105 pilots in SEA--a warning from crew chiefs to their pilots not to go to the Takhli town where similar things could befall them.


Buzz Barron said...

This is funny. I just want to say this about that. The Military stuff sucks. The happiest day of my life was going back to Korat in '66 and found Crew Chiefs and Pilots were together in the same squadrons. We actually talked to each other, knew each other and had some respect for each other. We were all so young, and that's good and bad...You wanted to fly fast jets and I wanted to be as far from Dallas as I could get. Nothing about God and Country there. We CC's knew what you were doing, and tried not to think about nothing other than giving you the best, most dependable airplane possible, lots of bullets, and probably wanted you go pop some Migs...truthfully...I mean trucks and bridges are harder to paint on the side of an airplane than one big red star... The "Rising Sun" song was really popular on Okinawa at some point I think...along with "I left my Heart in San San Francisco". On another note, an old Line Chief...Zebra E50 or so...advised that we always carry a bottle of Jim Beam when ever we went "Downtown". When you're finished, just pour some of than on your tally whacker... worked!!!

steveH said...

Did their parents know that they'd skipped class?

I was struck by how young the Animals look there, and try not to remember that I was about that age when they recorded the song.