Saturday, August 22, 2009

If We've Lost Cronkite, We've Lost America

That subject title was supposedly Lyndon Johnson's comment when news-sniveler-in-Chief Walter Cronkite mis-characterized the 1968 Tet offensive as an NVN victory and US defeat.

So, what do you suppose the Bamster is thinking about such stalwart news toads as Georgie "Senior Policy Advisor to the President" Stephanopolous reporting:

The People Are Losing Faith

Could this mean that even the ignorati are beginning to notice that the Messiah has no executive experience? Are they realizing that all he does is campaign. Have they discerned that virtually everything he says is made up and unrelated to the truth? Did they notice this week's result of a policy of international engagement and national self-abasement has given us a Scottish smack-down and Libyan celebration of the brutal murder of 189 American citizens?

Remember when the US as a nation used to command international respect? Great excuse for a party:

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Anonymous said...

Is there more to it, however, than the messiah's lack of experience? The anti-American debasement isn't an accident or coincidental outcome of cultural "change" in America, or the messiah's incompetence. Could there be something sinister afoot?

I can't approve of the following author, who I dislike greatly, but there are a lot of Americans wondering about these kinds of issues: