Tuesday, August 04, 2009

You Want a Dead Horse in Your Bed

The control of the press is important to any dictatorial government. Goebbels worked that to near perfection for Hitler. Baghdad Bob wasn't quite so convincing for Sadaam, but he tried. Now we've got Rahm Emmanuel greasing the skids for the Messiah to keep the news media, "All Obama, All the Time."

The networks got in bed early on. They sold their souls and now Mephistopheles comes several days a week to demand some tribute. Failure to kowtow is surely going to risk nationalization.

Continuing the Dialogue With America

Mark Steyn crunches the numbers that the bleating network moguls are griping about. The simple fact that Presidents pre-empt prime time only when they have something newsworthy to say is escaping His Highness. He just demands adulation at regular intervals to feed his narcissistic ego.

The grabbing of an hour whenever the spirit moves him costs the networks a lot of money. They lose advertising of course, but they also break continuity in their programming schedule. Most relevant, however, is that they undeniably are losing audience when he shows up.

The compelling urge to watch and see if there is a train wreck like calling the Cambridge cops stupid isn't enough to overcome the gag reflex at watching his head sway from left prompter to right prompter as he tells more lies.

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Buzz Barron said...

Did you notice the 5 Billion investment...in General Electric by Comarade Buffett??? Duh, wonder what old George Soros is invested in...how does this help them...Let's see General Electric owns NBC....duh... I'd like to meet Balerna man....