Saturday, March 17, 2012

24-Year Old Protege Dupes Messiah

Everyone thought it was a mistake to make the kid a four-star general without an ounce of military training. They thought he was thrust into national leadership before he had the necessary experience. It could only lead to disaster for his nation.

But he seems to be smart enough to snooker the most intelligent man to have ever lived, our President; and the most experienced woman to have ever served as SecState. He asked for food aid. He promised to suspend nuclear weapon development and ICBM testing in return. The leaders of the free world locked him into an iron-clad agreement.

How's That Working Out for Ya?

What better way to celebrate the anniversary of the beloved leader than with a rocket launch, a nose-thumbing and a big bowl of rock soup?


juvat said...

Ed, just one small quibble with your description of the TOAD (the one and done). He's not the smartest man who ever lived. No! He's the smartest man who's ever lived, ever will live and smarter than anyone anyone could imagine living.

hitman said...

Now, if we could just get him to jump out of an airplane with the boyscout's backpack, we'd be doing a lot better.

nzgarry said...

"Dearest Grandson" seems to be shaping up truly to his father and grandfather.