Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No Evidence to Justify ID Requirement

No, you don't need an ID to vote. It's always been that way. It was that way when I grew up in Chicago under Mayor Daley, pere, as he delivered the state to JFK. It was traditional.

In those days the way it worked was through the precinct captains of the Democratic Party. The taverns were all closed on voting day until the time when the polls closed. The regular habitues would be blissfully unaware of election day and would report for entry to their favorite emporium only to find the door locked. As they milled around outside wondering how to spend their day in unexpected sobriety, the precinct captain would come forward with his list of recently deceased voters.

The agreement was take a proferred list of candidates down to polling place, indicate your name is the late Casimir Kozlowski, and vote. The reward would be a free drink when the bar opened. Make the trip several times to different polling places and you could drink all night.

We should be a lot wiser today. But apparently the Department of Justice isn't, with their ruling that asking for any of a half-dozen forms of picture identification cards would be discriminatory against minorities.

A core aspect of the argument is that there is little evidence that there is any fraud currently occurring. Nope, no elephants around here.

Remember James O'Keefe? He's the young man with a video camera who gathered the goods on ACORN by posing as a pimp and seeking funds to set up his business. He's at it again and still doing a good job:

It isn't very hard. Notice that he's an equal opportunity discloser. He shows that it doesn't really matter which party you seek to vote for in a primary, all you have to do is read the obits and show up looking innocent.


FlyingBarrister said...

Townhall has a piece up about excessive voter registrations to particular addresses in TX Congressional districts dominated by Dimocrats.

The Dimocrats must protect the key to re-election.


Yeff said...

I'm a black man who spent 10 years in the US Air Force as a Signals Intelligence Analyst. Still, if I were told I needed a picture ID my minority status would prevent me from figuring out how. Yeah, right.


Ed Skinner said...

Here's my take on history. It's cyclic. 1) A group agrees to a set of rules on how run their society. 2) Everyone goes on about their own business and follows the rules. Mostly. 3) A few opportunists bend the rules, some more than others. 4) Bending becomes abusing, turns into warping and ultimately outright fraud and lies. 5) Those with guns re-assert themselves by force and society, at the direction of that faction, starts over at step 1.

The "spin" on voter registration, purging the registered voter list for deceased and incarcerated, and fraud in the process has become sickening.

I'd say we're well into #4 at this point. When will phase #5 begin?