Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not What We Do, It's What We Say

I haven't reminded recently about the basic rule for interpreting the statements of the administration. As a refresher, let us once again note that whatever they say, you should understand that they mean exactly the opposite. Whatever they indicate is the course of action is precisely the opposite of what they actually will do.

With that in mind, check out this performance:

Once I Did, But Now I Don't, Sort Of...

I really got a warm fuzzy feeling as he mumbled through that last bumbling statement about how rising gas prices could...mumble...possibly...mumble...this...sort of rising...mumble...recovery...blah, blah.

Drill in ANWR. Drill on the Continental Shelf. Build Keystone XL. Stop hampering car makers with ridiculous CAFE standards and plug-in cars that nobody wants. Get out of the way and watch the price of gas plummet.

Then we will believe you, Mr. Nobel-laureate.

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