Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Iran repeatedly says that its intention is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. There is ample evidence that Iran is aggressively pursuing a policy of intensive uranium enrichment in increasingly hardened facilities. Iranian news regularly displays tours of their centrifuge complexes and launches of various rocket systems suitable for intermediate range delivery of weapons. It is difficult to rationalize this as something other than what it proudly states it is.

So, we've got a long-time ally who faces a point of no return. Our response is to broadly establish a policy of intense economic sanctions to compel Iran to act like a responsible member of the community of nations. Intense sanctions! We have the sincere pronouncements of the Bamster in that regard.

Waivers for Major Customers of Iran

Yep. That should really ratchet up the pressure. We've united the major oil importers of Iranian oil and gotten them to do a little bit as they slowly wean themselves or maybe not.

I guess the important thing was to say we would do it. Not to actually do it.

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