Friday, March 23, 2012

Primary Season is Officially Over

Someone now needs to pull the plug. Put a fork in them, they are done. The winner of the Republican Presidential nomination is Mitt Romney. QED.

Sure, I understand that nobody has officially conceded. And I realize that there are going to be several more contested primaries. And surely the delegates will not be swept totally by Romney.

But realistically we have all known and understood since at least 2004 that Ron Paul was not a credible candidate. There are probably 25,000 dedicated, mouth-breathing, Federal Reserve hating, 1890 isolationist, pot-legalizing, college age sycophants eager to travel the countryside on a pilgrimage for Ron. But the rest of the 160,000,000 voters in America aren't interested.

Newt is intelligent. Newt is articulate and a great debater. Newt is experienced. Newt is also out of the running. Newt is egotistical. Newt is having a fantasy. Newt is seeking revenge for being outspent and trashed by Romney. Newt is now recognized as not the one. Somebody tell Newt.

If it had become a two person contest three weeks ago, maybe Santorum would have been competitive. But it didn't and Rick isn't. Increasingly Santorum is committing unforced errors. He is demonstrating how an incumbent senator in a leadership and very visible position can be defeated. There is a good chance he won't carry his home state primary. He is so eager to demonstrate his uber-social-conservative bona fides that he offends mainstream voters repeatedly. His pronouncements are the stuff that opposition research teams stockpile for future use.

Now he has gone way too far. He has forgotten what the essential goal is and he has resorted in his campaign rhetoric to speaking what is inconceivable.

Santorum Seems to Prefer Four More Years

Let's get serious. Whether you are a Romney supporter or not there is not way that any responsible American can really say such a thing.

And get over the Etch-a-Sketch thing. Simply get over it. It's worn out.


FlyingBarrister said...


Have you seen the footage of this Apache crash in AFG?


Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

"Primary Season is Officially Over"

Sorry, but you don't get to make that decision, any more than the elite inside-the-beltway kingmaker wannabees.

I'm damn tired of holding my nose to vote for the 'lesser evil'. I will once again, if Romney does take it (at the convention) - but only because Larry, the cable guy would make a better president than Obama.

BTW - The etch-a-sketch analogy *precisely* defines Romney's integrity for honoring basic conservative principles.