Thursday, March 08, 2012

Job Creation

I've long contended that government doesn't "create" jobs. It is entrepreneurship, free enterprise and private business that creates employment. The only thing government can realistically do is stay out of the way. Keep regulation to the minimum necessary to safeguard the public then let market forces control success or failure. Deliver a quality product at a competitive price and you will see demand rise. Then you will create a job to meet demand.

Government establishes positions. The positions are filled by people who receive a stipend for their time, but they seldom produce a product and they aren't in the business of making a profit.

Yet, I have been known to be in error. Maybe there is a job creation engine at work in the Bamster's administration. This report certainly seems to indicate that a number of individuals have obtained highly remunerative positions through the efforts of the Bamster himself:

Bundlers Reap Benefits From Hard-Work and Support

Those of us who went to school back in the years when there was study of actual history may recall that the issue was supposedly addressed aggressively in the days of Andrew Jackson when his abuses of the "spoils system" became intolerable. The creation of an apolitical civil service system supposedly addressed the problem of reward for political support by friends and cronies. Apparently it hasn't worked. The abuse merely waited for a large enough government structure to house all the friends and a President willing to sublimate any moral qualms about pay-offs and kick-backs.

And we should remember that it was Andrew Jackson who is largely viewed as the true father of the Democratic Party and the very essence of Jacksonian Democracy.

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