Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Picking Off the Money Tree

Economics is simple. Government economics is simpler yet. Government has money. They distribute that money to do all of the things that we really, really like to have done. They don't make money or produce a product. They give things to us. They pay for it by taking from millionaires and billionaires who have too much and owe the rest of us. Easy, isn't it?

Read this carefully. Note the caveats imposed by the candidate on the original statements and then the spoiled brat attitude of the DNC rebuttal:

Reduce the Debt By Cutting Extras

Particularly egregious in the skewed argument is the assertion that generic women's healthcare is threatened.

To accept that you must accept that:

  1. Women's healthcare can only be provided by Planned Parenthood
  2. That Planned Parenthood is not an independent non-profit
  3. That Planned Parenthood is totally funded by the government
  4. That all other doctors, clinics, practitioners, insurances, etc. do not offer women's healthcare
  5. That imposing more obligation to China is beneficial to America
  6. That millionaires and billionaires could reasonably support that financial burden without collapsing the economy
Somehow I don't get there. I also don't see a reason for funding NEA, NEH or even the Department of Education. I don't see a reason for subsidizing windmills or electric cars either. 

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FlyingBarrister said...

A friend named Tom Graves from GA is a member of Congress. He has pushed the idea of more highway construction without tax increases simply by reducing the size of federal government. He points out that about 38% of the funds collected by the DOT in gas tax evaporates in the hands of the feds on non-highway purposes.

Imagine this: cut the size and cost of government and build more highways in one motion with no tax increases by simply eliminating offices within DOT and have it serve strictly as a conduit to return money. And cut the federal tax, remove the feds from the picture, and let the states capture all gas revenue and decide how it is spent. More roads would be built and jobs created without deficit spending or higher taxes.