Monday, March 12, 2012

Cow Town Comes Through--Barely

I split my big city visits between Dallas and Ft. Worth. One is money, oil, big hair and glitz. The other is cows, bluejeans, buckles and boots. Between the two, I tend to prefer Cowtown.

Yet, there are moments when I have to question whether it is really Texas. I mean Lonesome Dove, Texas with Rangers and longhorns and reality rather than effete pinky raised political correctness.

Then I encounter this:

Impasse Ends as Council Rules. Vaquero Has a Gun

Where did they find some idiot to leverage enough political clout to stymie the statute for all this time? Who would reasonably argue that a vaquero would not be armed when living on the range for extended periods?

The good news is that the poofs got over-ruled and the statue will finally be displayed and generations will know that at some point in time the gun was a part of our history. It really was.

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The Donald said...

Just goes to show that the damn poofs are everywhere - even Tarrant County (though we try to push them back to the east side of 360). Amon Carter must be spinning in his grave.

Extra points to the artist(s) for choosing the Remington. It wasn't just 1873 Colts. If I'd been riding the range in the latter part of the 19th century, I'd have had an 1875 Remington on my hip, and a Rolling Block in the scabbard for long-range work.

Was gonna shoot my Italian 1858 Rem copy a couple of weeks ago when Dad & I went to the range, but at the last minute couldn't find my percussion caps. :-(

We had fun anyway, as he'd worked up some sweet [Trail Boss] target loads for his 1944 production Gov't 1911.