Friday, March 02, 2012

Could You Make This Up?

Anybody who values the Second Amendment is familiar with the situation in our nation's capitol. The Supreme Court gave a valiant shot at defending it in Heller v DC, but it is difficult to counter the entrenched psychology of the left. Here's a quote from the District's Deputy Mayor for Public Safety:
Mr. Quander thinks victimhood is preferable to self-defense. “The problem is, if you are armed, it escalates the situation,” Mr. Quander told residents. “It is much better, in my opinion, to be scared, to be frightened, and even if you have to be, to be injured, but to walk away and survive. You’ll heal, and you can replace whatever was taken away.”
You see, if you are totally defenseless, you then can quake and quiver in fear of your life as the confident goblin beats you, takes your property, rapes your wife and laughs. Much better that than to "escalate the situation".

Read it all here:

Defenseless is The Preferred Defense 

It makes me proud to be a Texan and less than eager to visit my nation's capitol.


immagikman said...

what idiocy....he should be dropped unarmed, and unescorted in South East DC...see how long he likes being a victim :P

nzgarry said...

The weasel words .."replace whatever was taken away" show this guy up for what he is. I'm sure that most Americans prefer simple words like "theft", "armed robbery", "stolen at gunpoint", etc to describe these situations.

At risk of preaching to the choir, DONT give up the 2nd.