Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's a Watch List?

It ended and when it all shakes out, who is surprised? Seven people were killed by this young man who immigrated to a country and then rather than assimilating and embracing the culture, he chose to radicalize and kill people in the name of his religion of peace.

Mohammad Dies in Blaze of Gunfire

If you read around the web, you find out that young Mohammad was an immigrant from Morocco. He had traveled several times to Afghanistan and Pakistan to join with the jihadists. He had been apprehended by US military with the assistance of Afghan security forces and turned over to the French. He was returned to France and put on a terrorist watch list.

Which raises the question: what the hell good is a terrorist watch list if nobody is watching until the individual completes his action?

And are we going to stop listening to this religion of peace at least until the peaceful adherents start policing themselves?


Aaron said...

A watch list is all that it is: watch as he kills 7 people,,,,

Otherwise they -- sacre bleu -- might be accused of profiling and spying on peaceful Muslims and we can't have that in enlightened Europe...

hitman said...

The Liberal Media won't say anything bad about Muslims, because the Dems need those votes. According to them, the really bad people are Christians. (They know those votes are all gone anyway) This would also be a good commercial for how good gun control works. But you'll never hear anything about that from the Mainstream Media either. In the old days, this sorry excuse for a human being would have had a bullet in his head when he was first caught in Afganistan. He'd never harm anyone again.

Anonymous said...

The good news is that he is in hell with Bin-laden sharing notes on who is better at Head Shots

nzgarry said...

Without resorting to google, I recall that Gen Pershing put down a a muslim insurgency early last century in the Phillipines.

Captured guerillas were shot. These guerillas were shown the rounds dipped in pigs blood just before they were delivered.

Gory yes, hearsay, yes, wise... I say yes!.