Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Unclear on Several Concepts

Let's read this and then compile a list of things that are wrong about it:

Spring Time for Malia In Mexico

Now, the list:

  1. Spring break is a rite of passage for COLLEGE students not 13-year olds
  2. It involves drinking, acting like a fool, getting sunburned, and probably sexual activity
  3. Mexico is a country on a list NOT RECOMMENDED for tourist travel
  4. You do not foot the bill for 12 friends simply because you have a bag of tax-payer dollars
  5. Shutting down a hotel for your 13 year old's convenience is gauche
  6. Parents letting a 13-year old go without parental supervision is inappropriate
  7. Twenty-five Secret Service agents are not baby-sitters
  8. Flaunting your plundering of the public treasury for personal extravagances in an election year is ill advised
This can be viewed as nothing more than abuse of power. Will the main-stream media notice and acknowledge that? Somehow I doubt it.


This just out: Magnitude 7.4 Earthquake Rocks Oaxaca

And that is just one good reason why you don't send a 13-year-old on spring break without a parent along. 


Anna said...

Lets pray the agents, Malia, and her friends are safe. Where they are in Mexico was just strongly shaken by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake.

And of course pray for all the Mexicans and their families.

Murphy's Law said...

Acknowledge it? The mainstream media is removing any and all stories about it. Kind of makes you wonder what other stories that the Obama Administration can reach out and "dissapear" from the news.

LauraB said...

What ML said...also, too - I wonder if Malia has the same intrusive TSA treatment as that kid with a broken leg...


They are so dang fearless now that it makes me very worried...they do not intend to surrender those perqs. Ever.

Boat Guy said...

Once again you're applying outmoded standards that only still apply to the "little people" who pay for all of this. How quaint to think that this poor young girl can't just have a little "fun"; it's been FOREVER since she went to Spain or Hawaii with Mommy and friends.
We serfs should just shut up and continue to plow - or whatever it is that we do...