Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Make It Up

We live in a society which no longer has a capacity for shame. The cultural center of America eagerly embraces a story because it fits quite nicely into their warped perspective. It is a lie, but that isn't apparent initially. It seems to be what they expect so they wrap their well-toned arms around it and shower the lie with accolades.

Then it unravels. Like most lies it falls apart in the bright light of day. But that doesn't make a difference because even if proven to be a lie, it still fits the world-view of the elite.

The Sweatshop That Wasn't

Sad, isn't it?

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Boat Guy said...

I'll admit I got taken in on the Foxconn thing some weeks ago. If I remember it was a link from a story/post about offshoring that started with Obama asking Steve Jobs at a dinner when Apples formerly American jobs would come back and the reply being "never".
Seemed plausible at the time and NOT because I'm one of those ready to believe we are at fault.
I'm still sceptical of Chinese industrial standards.