Friday, March 23, 2012

Politically Correct Idiocy

I've ranted about it before: the foolishness of circumlocution in which everyone clearly know what you are saying but you maintain some sort of facade of respectability because you haven't said what everyone knows you said.

I'm talking about the "n-word" or should that respectfully be the "N-word" indicating the nearly divine resemblance to Yahweh whose name cannot be uttered by a true believer.

Read this "news" piece:

CNN Reporter Chastised For Quoting

At least he acknowledged that three white guys dragging a black man behind a truck and then running over him is a bit different than the Trayvon Martin shooting regarding "hate crime" definition.

You may already recall that Trayvon looks quite a bit like Obama's son, if Obama had a son. Or at least that's what the Messiah says.

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