Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tough Assignment

OK, class, this isn't going to be easy but it will be instructive. Overcome your knee-jerk reaction to the names Bill Maher and Alexandra Pelosi (daughter of Nancy). Watch the video and tell me what you might learn.

Isn't the convolution of the liberal mind an incredible thing to observe. Want a bit more insight into how that works? Read this little piece:

Atlantic Finds Her Confusing

Here are some things I learned:

  1. Bill Maher is incapable of communicating without resorting to street language. He thinks it makes him cute and hip.
  2. Children of the incredibly wealthy can gain fame without skills or intellectual grounding. They are accepted based on who they are rather than what they do. 
  3. Finding uneducated, unsophisticated, ignorant people is just as easy in backwater Mississippi as in New York City. 
  4. Anecdotal sampling without statistical support of prevalence of an attitude makes it possible to prove anything. 
  5. The true-believer can over-look the venality of a society in favor of ridiculing their opposition. 
  6. Sensationalism can trump ideology if it means publicity and exposure. 
What did you learn? 

1 comment:

Six said...

I'm sorry Ed, I'm going to have to take the F or Incomplete. I just couldn't watch the whole thing. I was strongly reminded who 'Domestic Enemies' are though so maybe I can get partial credit?