Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Actions Have Consequences

Unsatisfied with law enforcement and civil recourse, the usual suspects have taken to vigilantism. You see, it is patently wrong for a Neighborhood Watch group to protect their home, their families and their community by patrol, signs or even observation. That is bad.

But if the chosen arbiters of racial justice do it, then it is commendable, reasonable and justified.

George Zimmerman may have been in the wrong. He may have gone too far. He may also have been totally reasonable in his actions. He may have complied with the 9-1-1 dispatcher's advice to stand down. He may have been attacked and acting in self-defense. That needs to be determined by examination of facts by our legal system.

This is not our legal system:

Black Panther Bounty

The New Black Panther Party is not law enforcement. It is not their legal prerogative to offer bounties for "arrest" and to encourage a street gang of 10,000 black men to enforce their view. That is anarchy.

But here's where it gets interesting:

Spike Lee Tweets Wrong Address 

Got that? Some ass in California Tweets an address in Sanford FL claiming he's uncovered the location of Zimmerman who quite reasonably has retreated into hiding. Spike Lee, grand poobah of movie hyperbole about down-trodden minorities and season ticket-holder of court-side Laker seats, like a mindless boob, retweets to his 240,000 mouth-breathing followers.

What is Lee's expectation?

You know as well as I do. He expects "justice" to ensue. He expects somebody among that quarter of a million idiots to grab his homies, his nine, and his hoodie then roust poor George out into the street and pop a cap in his head. That's what Mr. Lee expects.

The only catch is that the address isn't to Zimmerman's hiding place. It is the home of an innocent, elderly couple.

I'm not sure, but I have a reasonable belief that Mr. Lee has broken the law and recklessly endangered these folks. He has knowingly acted to incite violence against innocent people, whether the McClain's or George Zimmerman. He should be arrested and charged.

More importantly, I believe the McClain's have a civil case against Mr. Lee. And you've got to know that Mr. Lee has deep pockets.

This could make the golden years of that Sanford couple quite golden indeed.

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