Sunday, March 18, 2012

Freedom and Conservatism Defined

This gentleman has seen what I've seen and apparently even though his exposure comes 40 years later, he reaches pretty much the same conclusion. Consistency of results over time usually defines truth.


Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

Ditto on your comments Ed. However, I'm amazed that the baht has lost ground against our ever-more worthless dollar (30 baht to the dollar today, versus 20 baht forty-two years ago) - but unsurprised by the rest.

Whittle is wrong on one thing, though - Thai driving rules do exist, and are observed: the largest vehicle going the fastest (or the one with the loudest horn) has the right-of-way.

hitman said...

Yes there are traffic laws. I got a 1400 baht ticket on a rented Honda 600 Hurricane in Pattaya in
'07. 400 baht for speeding and 1000 baht for loud pipes.(which I had no control over, lol) While in town, I swear there was never a time when I couldn,t have reached out and touched another vehicle.