Friday, March 30, 2012

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

The cries for impeachment of any elected official with whom we disagree get tiresome. Losing a policy debate does not then give you recourse to oust a President with whom you aren't aligned. The process won't always give you the result you want, but it is still the process. What constitutes impeachable offense is debatable, but there are some actions which are clearly beyond the pale.

Bolton Accuses Bamster of Undercutting Israeli Plans

Leaking highly classified information regarding the agreements between two allied nations so as to jeopardize or render inoperable their potential action is treasonous. Israel is certainly one of our closest and longest allies in the Middle East. It is a stable, productive and reliable friend in a region which desperately needs stability. Iran is not our ally by any interpretation. It is not about to become our ally. And, it clearly has stated repeatedly an intention to destroy Israel as soon as it can develop the capability.

Azerbaijan is a more recent ally, but holds an incredibly critical position in the region. It is our back door to Afghanistan and an essential alternative to supply and withdrawal of our forces particularly considering the volatility of Pakistan. We shouldn't cavalierly jeopardize their security.

Is Bolton right? Here's the core trigger to the issue:

Foreign Policy Journal Describes The Agreement

Notice the attribution to "senior US officials", "military intelligence officers" and "government sources." That certainly sounds like an administration authorized campaign to pull the plug on this capability. And in the process it undermines an ally, increases probability of failure and inevitably endangers good people.

That is impeachable.

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Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

More impeachable, (and easily proved) is Obama's conspiracy with the UAW to commit grand theft of billions from GM bondholders (the statutory "first in line" to be repaid during bankruptcy).
Also impeachable: malfeasance in office; failing to preserve, protect or defend the US Constitution (and in fact, working against it); numerous blatant violations of disclosing SECRET information (planned troop movements) without declassifying any of it beforehand; malingering: - way too many government-financed long-distance "vacations", too often. That's what Camp David is for. Not to mention misappropriation of funds: use of multiple separate 'special mission' transport aircraft (including AF One) just hours apart for the first family, his highness, and the White House dog. . . just because he (thinks he)can.

I'm now certain that this guy lost a LOT of lunch money as a kid - and has been seething for vengeance ever since. He thinks it is 'pay back' time . . .