Thursday, March 29, 2012


Leadership is usually a situation where an individual with bold vision and a compelling presentation will muster support for a task and motivate his followers to act in unison and achieve remarkable things.

We have a President who is seeking re-election based on his leadership.

The nation is in a fiscal crisis. We have seen the national debt explode from $6 trillion in 2009 to $11 trillion in just three years. All estimates for the next decade indicate annual deficits of more than one trillion dollars per year. Knock off some zeros to size that sort of budgeting for your own household and think about the inevitable outcome.

So the President submits a budget to Congress. He's leading. How is that working out?

414-0 on Budget--Not What Bamster Wanted

The secondary proposal, the Bowles-Simpson based budget failed nearly as badly. That was an outgrowth of the Great Leader's debt reduction bi-partisan committee which he established and then totally ignored.

Someone needs to tell the Messiah where we are going as a nation, so he can take his preferred position of leading from behind.

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