Friday, March 09, 2012

Not News

This is the sort of news that should never see the light of day:

Bunker Busters and Gas Passers on Request

No "official on condition of anonymity" should ever make such a statement. No press secretary who is a loyal American should ever say more than "no comment." No news agency should publish such a nebulous story.

No one should doubt that such events are very much within the realm of probability. But nothing should be said until after events. Nothing.


Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

Just additional charges to put on the list for Urkel's impeachment trial.
(Scheduled, of course, during the week or two of Jan. 2013, when the new republican-majority senate begins - yet before the new president's inaugural on Jan. 20th.)

I'll bet he doesn't even know that stuff has to be declassified before it can be made public!

nzgarry said...

The Israelis have built their own main battle tank and also I believe their own fighter jet. I read somewhere that their nuclear arsenal is estimated at around 200 weapons.

I would have thought that they are quite capable of building their own bad-ass bunker busting bomb.
Also the logistics of delivering said weapon must also be within their reach. I assume the IAF does in flight refueling etc.