Monday, April 30, 2012

Brave New World

This is the future. It isn't pretty. It is about "security zones" and metropolitan evacuations. It is about heavily armed patrols and closures of major business centers. It is about potential violence, terrorism and concurrent government repression. It is the future and the land of the free.

NATO Conference Portends "Inconvenience"

There is a lot in that news item. Why is SEIU making public statements regarding such an event? Why is the Secret Service doing anything more than Presidential security? Why is a non-profit agency like the Red Cross dealing with evacuations of Chicago residents to Milwaukee? Why is a protest group conducting press releases regarding security issues before the conference?

And where is Abby Hoffman in all of this?


immagikman said...

One wonders just what is actually going on and who is behind all this.

The Donald said...

Well, thank goodness Chicago has done its best to rid the city of the scourge of guns - 'cause you wouldn't want individual peasants, er, people adding to the mayhem.

And where is Abby Hoffman in all of this?

My inner 12 year old was going to suggest maybe Abbie was in nearby Hoffman Estates, until I learned he'd gone underground permanently in Pennsylvania in 1989.