Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Really? A Constitutional Law Professor?

You've heard the background story about how the Bamster was editor of the Harvard Law Review and then a professor teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago. That would somehow indicate, at least to me, that he either knows what he is saying is a lie or he was one very pathetic prof.

Un-elected Court Shouldn't Overturn the Legislature

Is it possible that he doesn't know that the isolation from election which our forefathers established for the federal judiciary was precisely to free them from political pressure from an emotional electorate?

Is it possible that he doesn't know that Marbury v Madison (1803) established the principle of judicial review and that is specifically for the purpose of checking an over-reaching legislative and executive branch?

Is it possible he doesn't recognize the principle of constitutional supremacy in which the Constitution limits the legislature in the hierarchy of law?

Is it possible he doesn't accept that the rule of law takes precedence over the rule of man, and simply because a lot of people won't be insured in the event of an overturning of Obamacare the government is still limited?

Or is it simply that he knows these things but he holds the Constitution in such low regard and the electorate as so ignorant that he is lying and pandering to seek re-election?

Yeah, that's the ticket.


bongobear said...

I think it's possible that Obama knows very little about the Constitution...he sometimes acts as if it doesn't even exist.

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

Consider the possibilities, though:
Right now, there is enough evidence to declare the current president in contempt of the Supreme Court (and the Constitution). They'd likely hold back a while, knowing that The Arrogant Mouth can't resist blaming his failures upon others - and will quickly "double down" on his fabrications, until they have no choice but slapping him down, hard. (Kudos to Judge Smith of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, for giving a little punishment lesson to AG Holder's crew: demanding a three-page, single spaced legal brief of the DOJ's views on judicial review - within 48 hours.)

I'm reminded of Medieval Bishops and Popes forgiving Princes and Kings their huge sins in confession - but extracting harsh penances as reminders not to do it again:
- like publicly crawling on hands and knees from the castle to the cathedral, asking forgiveness from his subjects along the way.

The mind boggles: an orange jump-suited Obama being 'perp-walked' in chains (by US Marshals) to a waiting C-130, for his trip to the most-secure jail, Guantanamo Bay, there to ponder how long he wants to stay before he publicly recants his lies about the court and the constitution. I just wonder if he'll line up for a prayer mat.