Sunday, April 08, 2012

Realization Sinks In

Finally it is beginning to look as though the last man is being convinced that Newt Gingrich will not win the Republican nomination. There will be no miracle, no last minute call from a super-natural governor, no brokered convention. The realities of dollars and vote tallies can't be denied.

Gingrich Speaking in Past Tense With No Regrets

The clear statement of suspension of the campaign has not yet been uttered, but the comments leave that as the only step still to take.

Coming on board now with a supportive message will help to heal the party and should insure a voice, if not a significant position in a Romney administration.


Unknown said...

Newt will stick it out until the end. The moment he officially drops out, his fund raising stops, too. He probably needs to raise more cash to cover exisiting campaign costs.

foxone12 said...

Newt is a smart guy, with some solid ideas, but he lugs some very heavy, human flaws. Huge ego gets in the way. Takes too many things personally.