Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Once I get to tinkering under the hood, stuff evolves. With the excursion into a new theme that failed, i.e. "Dynamic" where most of the stuff didn't work and Blogger should never have released it, the bug has gone viral. So now we've gone back to a static theme, titled for no apparent reason "Ethereal", I'm into tinker mode.

Daily readers will maybe have noticed that the "Regular Stops" blog list is back and I've got it back to alpha-list rather than most recent. There's still a bug in the theme code that keeps me from editing out "The xxx" in titles to get them properly sequenced. So, you'll have to find some favorites in the "T" section.

Changed color to make link text stand out a bit more. After you visit a link they color will be a bit lighter. Wider main column to keep those videos and photos from over-hanging.  Some other text color changes as well. The mobile app theme is also consistent now for iPhone/'Droid users.


1 comment:

Bill in Austin said...

Glad you changed back to static with some tweaks. Although i do miss the Thud flashing when your page loads.