Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Failure to Communicate

We don't see much in the way of penetrating journalism these days. Most of the mainstream is dedicated to lobbying scripted softballs that the government talking heads ignore with impunity. The pundit asks how the weather is and the bureaucrat then replies with the menu of the day's talking points.

That didn't happen last night on Fox Report. Jay Carney, my favorite deer in the headlights, mumbled and bumbled but couldn't escape. Watch the video:

Bret Baier Wants to Stick to Facts

Seriously, Mr. Carney, how does a President fail to get even a single Representative of his own party to stand up for his budget proposal? Why can't a President in the lead get his own Senate Majority Leader to put a budget up for a vote, even if simply to get the Republicans on record as voting against it? How is responsible leadership going more than 1000 days without a budget for the government at all?

Are  these questions too tough?

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