Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hire a Better Class

Boys will be boys. Just watch the videos that come out of the resort communities during Spring Break. They act immaturely, the hormones rage, the alcohol flows and idiocy reigns. But you don't hire boys to be Secret Service agents. You hire men, hopefully men with a level of intelligence and maturity. When they demonstrate their capability they may get selected for the Presidential security detail.

So what do we make of this:

Eleven Indian Maidens and One Remained

A drink to unwind? Sure. Maybe a chat-up with a lady? Possibly. A discrete "meaningful relationship" with full understanding of the hotel rules, your position, and the contractual obligations implied in the activity? Apparently not within the capability of that bunch.

What does it all indicate? Some pretty lax leadership for one. Some really cheap guys for another. Some really bad judgment for sure.

Maybe they should have gone to Texas.

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foxone12 said...

There but for the grace of God...