Friday, April 13, 2012

The Unspoken

By now the ill-advised comments by DNC representative and hard-working adoptive mother of two with her "partner", Hillary Rosen have been suitably disclaimed by the Bamster Denial-o-mat (a Ronco product you can have for just two payments of $19.99) She mis-spoke. Bamster loves women. Jay Carney never heard of her or maybe there are too many women of the same name. And, the ever-popular "What the Captain means is..."

Anatomy of a Gaffe

What has been over-looked in all of this "War on Women" kerfuffle is the question for these Democrat talking-heads, "Why must women with children go to work to support their families?"

Or, asked another way--the more truthful one: "Where are the men who should be supporting these children and giving the mothers the option to choose whether to hold a job or work in the home raising the kids?"

A two-parent household with responsibility gives a woman a lot of options.

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