Thursday, April 12, 2012


I used to be a regular reader of Fred on Everything. He was iconoclastic, a curmudgeon of exalted rank, and a damned insightful commentator on the human condition. I somehow dropped the habit. He went through a period where his postings were not very frequent and I tend to drop those blogs off the Regular Stops list.

Fortunately I've got a good friend who routes exceptional Fred stuff to me. The friend is one of those guys with an addiction to adrenaline. He's a retired fighter pilot, who didn't follow my Mario Andretti meme about former race drivers working for Greyhound; he earned a retirement as an airline pilot as well. Along the way though that didn't meet the adrenaline Jones requirements, so he became a reserve cop in a major metro area. Made sergeant, SWAT team etc. Did a bit of duty with a county sheriff and still keeps the edge off with some district attorney investigator gigs that give him a real cool looking badge and the Freudian fulfillment of semi-concealed, blatantly open or guess if you dare weapons carry. He knows about this:

Bang-Bang Your Banana Got You Killed

We're talking about the legally empowered good guys here, not Neighborhood Watch captains. We are talking about split-second decisions that deal with life and death. We are talking about the tossing of race into the mix and the irresponsibility we are immersed in as all of the usual suspects bleat about fairness and justice and revenge and freedoms. Think about what Fred says.

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Six said...

I will publicly admit here that I have had several people at gunpoint, more than one just a few ounces from being shot. Some of them were white. Some Hispanic, Asian and other. More than a few were black. The only ones where I had visions of CNN headlines flashing through my mind were those who were African-American. Is that racist? Maybe but it's also reality.