Wednesday, April 04, 2012

God, Guns, Guts and Pick-up Trucks

Calm, sensible, and correct. Hard to argue with that. The news-babe, on the other hand, not so good:


The Donald said...

Muddled thinking on the part of the hawt newsbabe.

Like Mr. Muller, I'm not sure I understand her question regarding the juxtapositioning of God & Guns in his sales slogan. Sure, she has the right to question it, if she likes - and he has the right to use it in his advertising.

Her suggestion that the motto would offend some seems a bit off base; considering the marked increase in sales, it seems to be resonating with Mr. Muller's target audience. If, nonetheless, some are offended, they have every right to purchase their next ride from a dealer whose ideology they prefer.

The notion of what would Jesus carry was silliness. Would He carry an AK-47, a sword, or Sig P-224. No. Would the Son of Man have shot the centurions who nailed Him to the cross? No. But He didn't come to save His earthly life, but to redeem mankind's sins.

In any event, I wouldn't doubt that as a discerning customer, He might have preferred a Dakota Model 10 7x57 Mannlicher with Zeiss optics.

FlyingBarrister said...

S.O.S. from the left.

It always "But someone might get killed" when people attempt to exercise the Second Amendment rights so that they can preserve their own lives. There is no restraint or precondition to exercise the right that bothers a liberal.

They ignore that someone dies every time their favorite "right," the bloody sacrament of abortion is exercised. But any time conservatives attempt to remind that someone is about to die through abortion, such as ultrasounds or parental notifications, the lefties foam at the mouth, have fits, and file lawsuits to challenge them as undue restrictions on their sacrament.

hitman said...

"God, Guns and Guts made America Great" has been on bumper stickers sold at gun shows for many years now. Mr Miller, I guess added the Pick-up trucks. Leaving out the made America Great part is what screwed her up I think. She didn't know how they all fit together.