Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Harvard Education

Only the best and the brightest get to attend Harvard. That is why the material which they study is so penetrating, critical and crucial to understanding the world around us. When you've got a Harvard education you are among the elite thinkers of the nation, if not the entire world.

This is the sort of thing you will find in your curriculum:

Understanding Obama 101

Yes, indeed, I need a fellow-traveler radical professor to explain to me how the President's faith has impacted his policy. I need to have a socialist race-baiter guide me in exploring the politics of the Messiah's enlightened policies.

It is critical that the next generation be firmly indoctrinated in understanding the means and methods by which revolutions occur, empires are humbled, and economies are collapsed.

I hope the course will be offered online as well.


nealcroz said...

YGBSM!!!!!!!!! Will he be taping his "educational experience" for showing at the National Re-education and Indoctrination Camps being constructed by FEMA???

Yasuh Boss.....I got my mind right!!

Ed Skinner said...

Thanks for the link. Our granddaughter is being recruited by them. Might need to "lend a hand" in curriculum choices so she doesn't waste her time.

Ed Rasimus said...

Your granddaughter has a great opportunity if she should be selected for Harvard. No other university in America offers the connections and reputation which will serve her for a lifetime. The fact that there are radicals among the faculty is not a reason to forego such an opportunity. Most major universities have a collection of such aberrations. The majority offer an experience of a lifetime. Grab it!