Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This woman is a US Congress-critter. Of course she is from California, so that excuses her somewhat. But when you are such an airhead that you have to look down at your crib-sheet to remember the sound-bite you've been told to repeat incessantly, you simply look stupid:

How do you get a trillion dollars from bringing troops back from Afghanistan for ten years when we've already determined the troops will be out in a year? And what does Cold War and nuclear weapons have to do with the Buffett Rule, tax policy and corralling the deficit?

Valley Girls rule!

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foxone12 said...

I love the Rush Limbaugh method of letting these fools speak until they run out of breath. The more words they utter, the less informed they sound. The puzzling part is, how in the world do these ignoramuses get elected? Wait a second, I have my answer! Their constituants are fellow ignoramuses!