Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lifting Another Rock

These people proliferate and we expose them. Something flawed in their character leads them to make these claims but that is not an excuse. They take something precious from those who earned it and such theft cannot be tolerated.

Non-POW Runs Into NamPOWs and Loses

What is most despicable about this episode is that the Veteran's Administration "honors" this slug despite lack of documentation to substantiate his claims with the Department of Defense. How ignorant or malicious are those bureaucrats? Gen Shinseki, would you like to comment?


Anonymous said...

What's bad too Ed is what else the VA has been giving this piece of crap!! Someone ought to be bringing him up on fraud charges. The Army has NO record of him at all.....and the Army does manage to keep fairly good records of enlistment. He doesn't need an attorney to produce a DD-214.

We should march his worthless ass across the border to the North Koreans.....he wants to be a captive with a story so badly.....

The Donald said...

I've got it - he was Agent Orange.

No, wait, that was Eddie Murphy.

immagikman said...

Unfortunately too many in charge have never served, and it makes it easier to dismiss those who did if they taint the whole with these asshats.