Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Elementary, My Dear Watson

One need only to do the math to deduce the explanation for this:

Nobody Buying Hybrids

Gas prices are high and likely to go still higher. Hybrids burn less gas. Why don't people flock to them?
The premium on some luxury hybrid cars is so high some drivers might never break even. The BMW ActiveHybrid 7 costs about $98,000 compared to the non-hybrid BMW 7 Series at roughly $80,000. At $4 a gallon, a driver would need 33 years to break even. With the Lexus LS 600h L that’s priced at $106,000, they’ll need a lifetime – 87 years – to break even when compared to the non-hybrid Lexus LS 460 that runs about $77,000.
So, do you know anybody who keeps a car for 87 years?

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bongobear said...

Interesting comparisons...I suspect that hybrid vehicles will be more expensive to maintain over the years. The batteries must be very expensive.