Friday, April 13, 2012


Don't you simply love the Kumbaya crowd? Peace as the natural order of things? LBJ's plaintiff appeal to "reason together" or even Obama's global apology tour--fourteen nations, fifteen grovels, five days--so that the rest of the world stops envying success, achievement, technology and a twenty-first century standard of living.

Hillary Clinton (I wouldn't have added the surname three days ago, but even Jay Carney is confused by the number of Hillarys in the world these days,) warns the North Koreans in the strongest possible terms. Ban ki-Moon, leading that bastion of global pressure, the Untied Nations (no error), warns that really, mean sanctions might follow...and of course they cave....

Well, NO! We Don't!

It would seem that at some point the peace-and-love crowd would begin to get the clue that a cookie and promise of more TV will not make the unruly child compliant. If the brat wants to run with scissors, maybe sometime it is a good idea to let them run a bit.

So, Hillary get ignored. She should modify her behavior. She should take a lesson from Maggie Thatcher or maybe Golda Meier.

And Kim? He should maybe get concerned about feeding the people, joining the booming economies of the Pacific Rim and get over the failed Communist dream that everybody except Castro, Ozzie Guillen, Hugo Chavez and the Bamster have abandoned.

Ooopsie! My Legos Came Apart!

Now to deal with Iran. Hillary, got any ideas?

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