Saturday, April 28, 2012

Never, Well Hardly Ever

Hoist upon a petard, we find Jay Carney with a conspicuously elongating proboscis. It's very Pinocchio-ish.

I Never Lie--Except These Examples

Would we call this application of situational ethics? His rationale that he often knows things which he is not free to comment upon is totally reasonable. But the examples go well beyond that sort of national security justification.


The Donald said...

Maybe he could set that denial to some Vincent Furnier music...

Anonymous said...

The hallmark characteristic of the political class and their support drones is the transcendent propensity for endless prevarication....always couched in terms of the falsehoods being fabricated for our "best interests."

Sadly, it is about the only thing truly bipartisan in American politics.

The only truth is that they lie.