Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Knowing Who is Real

There are some things which real people know and understand. I grew up in Chicago and I know them and understand them. I lived there when Chicago had two NFL teams. I presented the colors on opening day for two baseball seasons. I went to stock car races in Soldier Field where there was a half-mile track around the football field. The Black Hawks played in Chicago Stadium and there were only six teams total in the NHL.

That is why I hear the clinkers when the President expresses his Chicago fan credentials. I know that the baseball stadium on the north side of town has always been Wrigley FIELD and the ball park on the south side was Comiskey PARK. The terminology establishes our credentials. The Bamster probably doesn't know about the curse and he's never been to the Billy Goat Inn.

But, I know and understand what these guys are talking about:

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