Thursday, April 05, 2012

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Those who understand that the clear goal is the defeat of the increasingly corrosive Obama administration in November begin to see an end to the self-flagellation of the Republican Party. The relentless rejection of the good in pursuit of the perfect with no two people seeming to agree on what is perfect may be about to end. Many will be disappointed but if there is any wisdom left among the battered warriors they will manage to come together and show a unified and coherent front to the nation by this fall.

Some hints in the news:

Gingrich Group Sans Gingrich Files Bankruptcy

Certainly there is demonstration of deep commitment when a successful entrepreneur mortgages his business to demonstrate his belief in his potential. But at some point the wise man says there is no hope. The boat is leaking, I can't see the shore, and my feet can't touch bottom. Maybe I should grab the life jackets and abandon ship. I like Newt. He's a very intelligent and articulate man. But he isn't going to be the nominee. He doesn't have to descend into poverty simply to prove he meant what he said.

The other barely standing contender isn't looking very strong either. Santorum was a prominent senator, yet when he ran for re-election he was soundly defeated in his home state. Many will say that was then and this is now, but evidence is mounting that his last gasp will be a futile one when the Pennsylvania primary comes around. He's been beaten by large and small margins in the last several contests. His message is not resounding. It is fading.

Santorum Urged to Get Out While Still Credible

Should Romney lose to Obama and if there is still a republic after four more years of Obama, then Santorum could have some viability as a candidate provided he does not get destroyed now in a last desperate bid in his home state primary. If he persists and loses in PA, he won't preserve that option.

Is Romney the perfect candidate? Certainly not. He's got baggage. He's too slick by half. There's Romneycare that won't go away and some even think his religion might play against him. But, unless we destroy ourselves, we could run Curly, Moe or Larry and beat the Bamster.

One need only watch his daily antics and the stumblings of his chosen team.

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Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

That "Light at the end of the tunnel" is a speeding Romney freight train that will destroy the Republican Party. Want it or not, we will get McCain II shoved down our throats (but without a particularly honorable past; with management - instead of leadership experience; and an etch-a-sketch commitment to basic conservative principles).

I had no idea that the "Romney Fix" was IN so deeply throughout the entire country until yesterday - when I found out that for the first time in two decades, fully 25 percent of North Carolina's registered voters (the 1,559,727 "unaffiliateds") will be denied a vote in the primary.
Some time prior to 01 Dec of last year (the last day in which the state party could refuse "unaffiliated" voters), the Secret Tea Party Lockout went into affect here . . . and no one knew.

This is nearly criminal, under the circumstances. While it is true that Larry, the cable guy would make a more capable president than Obama, we haven't needed a Real Leader this much at any time in the past 150 years; someone with Integrity, who knows and demands the rule of law - not some bend-with-the-wind manager like Romney.

Oh, we'll still hold our noses and vote for him in November - but IT WILL BE THE LAST TIME. At the state level, it may be a bloodbath in the legislature (in which the Republicans won control of both houses for the first time in a century . . . thanks to the Tea Party).

The Republican Party (national, state, and county level) can now KMA. They can have the right cheek. The Libertarians claimed the left cheek decades ago - about the same time the Democrats gained a permanent lip-lock on something else.

Crude? Yes; justifiably so.