Monday, April 16, 2012

A Record to Run On

There are many reasons for making a voting choice. Some people  vote ideologically. They recognize whether they are liberal or conservative and then relate that to the candidates. The party platforms help make the linkage clear. One party seeks to have government regulate, coordinate, allocate and support solutions to societal problems. The other party and ideology asserts that free market forces, individual responsibility, and restriction of governmental roles in life will get the problems taken care of.

Others vote on an evaluation of individuals. They claim to support the "best person" without regard to ideology or party. That sounds wonderful but with a little bit of probing proves totally impractical for the many down-ballot decisions which will need to be made on election day. Then the vote becomes a measure of what name sounds good or which candidate had the most campaign signs on the street. Not a good criterion.

And, a large number of voters are retrospective. They vote on what an incumbent has done. If they like what has been achieved, they vote to retain. If they are unhappy with the performance, they vote to oust the perpetrator.

So, here's a record to run on:

Senate Laziest and Least Productive in Decades

That would be the Democratically controlled Senate; the one under the august leadership of Harry Reid who simply ignores any of those pesky bills seeking to cut spending, pass a budget or deal with critical issues.

It's a good thing the country is enjoying a booming economy, full employment and a world filled with peace and love.


foxone12 said...

There is something to be said for a 'do-nothing' Senate, especially given the Senate's record of a couple of years ago, when hardly mentioned or debated measures were crammed down the public's collective throat. If both houses took a full year off, our pockets would be bulging and our lives less intruded upon.

nealcroz said...

...and isn't it wonderful that our "robust" economy is responsible for China's greatest military expansion in recent history. Without our interest payments on our debt to them, it would not be possible.

Oh this something like shooting ourselves in the foot?? Or am I just being cynical???

I think the answer lies in the fact that we were once able to erect a skyscraper (the Empire State Building) in just months because a GM President didn't want Chrysler to have the tallest building....using engineering techniques wholly new...but nearly 12 years after a bunch of bastards leveled the WTC....we have yet to resurrect even one building in its place.