Friday, April 20, 2012

Maybe Some Real Evidence?

Might the story George Zimmerman has been telling and which seemed to satisfy the Sanford police for a month before the race-baiters got into the picture actually be true? He claimed he was departing the area as instructed by the 9-1-1 operator when Trayvon Martin attacked, knocked him to the ground and was beating his head against the pavement. Up to this point we've only seen a surveillance video at the police station taken several hours after the events and after emergency medical personnel have treated Mr. Zimmerman.

Is this corroborating evidence? I won't say definitively. The blood looks too red and I don't see a prominent wound, however the source is major news media so that would seriously reduce the probability of some wild-eyed right-wing blogger PhotoShopping a smoking gun item. 

Here is the ABC news story and a video clip:

GPS locating on the photo verifies it comes from the scene and the date/time stamp indicate it was taken three minutes after the shooting. Sounds pretty valid at this point. 

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foxone12 said...

Whenever you get Al Charlatan in on the act, you know something funny is going on. Has the man ever been right on anything? First there was Tawana Brawley (false accusation), then there was the Duke Lacrosse Team (false accusation), now there's the Trayvon Martin case. Would you bet on Al Charlatan being on target this time? The really troubling thing is that so many people follow racial bias almost as closely as a tenet of some weird religion. If a white man is involved, he's guilty. If a black man is involved, he's innocent. If it's a black on black crime.....strangely, there is not even a faint echo of concern.