Friday, April 06, 2012

Poetic Justice

Regular readers will recall Leadfoot. He was a regular commentor here who posted as "Anonymous" and then would leave his secondary pseudonym at the end of his posts just in case his statements were not adequate clues regarding where he was coming from.

In the interest of free discussion, I let his comments appear and would occasionally refute them or allow others to point out the inanity or errors in his position. He was our token liberal, always in the wings to highlight the irrationality of the left-wing mind.

Then he found himself unable to express his ideas without resorting to street language. I corrected him and he found that was a challenge.

Each day he would post one or more comments and after several warnings, I simply started  deleting them when I dropped in to take a look at the blog. The removal of his comments led him to deluge the page with the sort of thing which would result in deletion and after two weeks of playing games with a fool, I simply chose to convert the comments section to owner moderated. That stifles discussion because it delays conversations and it necessitates more participation on my part than I might wish.

He gleefully commented that he had achieved his goal when the moderation policy was enacted. He had driven me to act and denied intelligent discussion for the rest of the readers. Typical immature adolescent thinking. If I don't get my way, I'll screw up everybody else's good time.

Leadfoot continues to read the blog. He continues to comment and his comments continue to be superficial, ill-advised, left-wing sound-bites and baiting. I don't need to see "Leadfoot" at the end of the post to recognize which Anonymous comments come from where. They get deleted.

Today, in response to Shedding Paper which is about GOVERNMENT censoring free speech, he whined that I shouldn't talk because I censor him. It gives me a warm fuzzy to know that he is reaping what he has sown. It also reinforces my belief that he is totally clueless if he can't tell the difference between a single individual on a blog and the force of government which is controlled supposedly by the Bill of Rights.

He wanted moderation of comments. He forced me to do it. He now gets moderated right off the page. And, now he is unhappy.

Gotta love it when a plan works out.


Ed Skinner said...

I'd be tempted to tell him to start a blog, put a link here in the comments, and when he does, delete his comment with the link.


bongobear said...

I could never understand, given that his positions were so very different from the majority who read your blog, why he was on your site at all. He seemed to be completely at odds with the prevailing sentiment of your readers and seemed to delight in tweaking other posters and demeaning their positions when he could.
Well, now he's gone and I, for one, am happy he's gone. Schadenfreude anyone?

Ed said...

Guess I missed him.