Monday, April 23, 2012

Business is Too Good For Some

Hard to believe in these tough economic times that a bank would be arbitrarily turning away old customers who are dealing in legal products guaranteed and supported by the Constitution of the United States:

“We have to assess the risk of doing business with a firearms related industry.”

I've got your risk right here, buddy. It's the risk of losing business across the nation from people who value their rights.


immagikman said...

Its part of the Agenda...can't go straight at the 2nd Amendment? Weasel around it, make back room threats and deals with the institutions that are needed for businesses to thrive and if all else fails, threaten is after all what the Democrats did with Fredy and Fanny and the housing market. The threatened legal action if the banks didnt meet racial quotas in lending for matter if the people in question could pay or not.....then later when it all collapses they blame the banks.

Anonymous said...

Not hard to believe. Many of these banks are the same ones who made huge home loans to folks who couldn't afford a camping tent...let alone a McMansion. Its all about whether you believe there is a Big Rock Candy Mountain.....or a valley of the shadow of death.....

I've always been suspicious of folks who don't drink good whiskey and are afraid of guns...or weapons. If they are male, they are usually...well...different. And if they are of the opposite sex, they eschew anything that amounts to pleasure.....take MA newest political princess....Elizabeth Warren. Hell....I'VE got bigger boobs than she does.....and a helluva lot more powder to burn.

Bring on the Jeremiah Weed.

foxone12 said...

The next step will be for the media sycophants to constantly refer to gun manufacturers as a "controversial industry." Damning with faint slander.